[social_share/]Traditionally, if you wanted to get a design for say a new logo, a business card, perhaps your website, you’d go to a design firm and ask them to design it for you. Chances are that the designer would ask you a few questions, interpret your answers as best as possible, and then have a go at a few concepts. Next, you’d get anywhere from 3-7 concepts to choose from or comment on, in order to narrow down your selection to the couple designs that would be tweaked to your liking.

We have an issue with this method.

You know how when you go to the movies and stare at tonight’s listings? Don’t you find that sometimes there’s nothing you want to watch but since you drove to the theater you might as well watch something? This is called cognitive dissonance. Since we don’t like to experience the feelings of dissonance, we drive ourselves to come up with reasons that will counter our opinion and level our state of being into something more consistent. For example “now that you mention it, I wasn’t really in the mood for an action movie… perhaps a chic flick is just what I need”.

Just as at the movies, where we convince ourselves to select the best of the worst, the same happens when a creative idea from our mind is interpreted by another mind but is intended to be loved by us. We go back and forth with the designer, only to fine-tune what we didn’t like in the first place. And dare you ask for a complete redesign! At best, you’ll get something so different, you’ll end up convincing yourself that the first version (the one you didn’t like, remember?) is the right one for you. And somehow, you force yourself to love it.

In comes crowdsourcing.

By definition, crowdsourcing is the process whereby one outsources their work to the masses (a.k.a. “the crowd”) to receive not one, but dozens if not hundreds of versions of the same thing. Sometimes, the masses work together on the same project, meaning that their collective ideas are assembled into a more powerful, more meaningful whole. In the case of design, we take care of the communication aspect of the job, communicating with you, understanding your needs and creating a design brief that will get you close to what you are looking for. Within days, designs will begin flooding in and we then guide you through the process of selecting and narrowing down the ever so different concepts into the one you truly love. In a matter of a week, you design contest is over and you are handed the original files in the types and formats you require.

Some of the design contests we can hold for you: Logo design, Web design, Business cards, Icon design, Stationery design, Brochure design, Print & Packaging, T-shirt design, Banner ads.

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