Innovation Facilitator

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Hey you! We need a self-learning Innovation Facilitator to join us. Right now.

Open Box Communication is an anti-consulting consultancy, a trendsetting learning and development provider, a people and strategy firestarter … Listen, we’re a cool company to work for. We offer our solutions to Fortune 500 companies and serious players worldwide who are looking to expand their horizons and grow.

We’re accelerating fast by building something game-changing in the learning and development arena and we need an all- round fighter in our corner.


What we expect of you as a person

  • Be responsible, get things done, and take pride in your work, as if this is your own business
  • Facilitate what needs to get done without constant babysitting. Everyone does everything! Be a self-learner.
  • Support your colleagues, be a friend, have fun, and get serious when you need to deliver
  • Be good friends with “time” and “deadlines”
  • Generate solutions by getting unstuck from your own pre-conceptions
  • Deal with all kinds of people by being down to earth and friendly


What you will be doing

You will be doing a bit of everything. We’re all swiss-army knives here. You will be facilitating what needs to be facilitated. But here are some key activities for you.

  • Prototyping: Creating idea prototypes, visual aids, and more. Anything needed to give the teams you coach a fighting chance to test their business ideas and validate their assumptions. (You must be able to figure things out by pushing yourself and Google to the extreme. And you also need to have some design sense, in that you can create a presentation that doesn’t look as if it were created by a grandmother!)
  • Coaching: Coaching startups and corporate teams, keeping them on track with their development programs, monitoring their progress and offering insight into their work. Coaching calls, feedback and all that. (We’ll train you on how to do it!)

Really, really essential stuff

  • Degree: You must have a degree. Don’t really care what it is, provided that you can convince us that you’ve got the hunger and humility to learn, unlearn and re-learn
  • Technical: Word, PowerPoint, Miro, Zoom, Flow, Mail Chimp, Slack, WordPress, whatever. Can you figure things out by yourself?
  • Language: English: You must rock it. Fluent as hell. Greek: you might rock it.
  • Nationality: You have to be an EU national
  • Location: Limassol

What we offer

Well, duh! All the things we talked about so far. Plus, you’ll be part of something big that will push the boundaries of learning and development. And you’ll have lots of fun. And you’ll get to push yourself. And you’re going to grow and develop. Oh, and you’ll have lots of fun!



How to apply

  • Step 1: Re-read everything, check us out online, and ask yourself “Are we a good fit for each other?” 
  • Step 2: Re-read everything again and ask yourself “Would we both be happy together?” 
  • Step 3: If you answered “Yes” to both Step 1 and Step 2, then go to Step 4 
  • Step 4: Email us your CV in PDF format to: deano at Don’t bother with a cover letter. In the body of the email, state your first name, your last name, your telephone number, and a quick fun fact about you. And please make these into bullets.
  • Step 5: Some of you will be sent an online questionnaire to complete. Some of you will not receive this. 
  • Step 6: After the questionnaire, some of you will be invited to a call (phone or Zoom), some of you will not. 
  • Step 7: After the call, some of you will be invited to an interview (face-to-face or Zoom; dependant on COVID measures). Some of you will not. 

Good luck!