[social_share/]Just imagine 250 people coming together to dance their hearts out to blasting music in front of unaware bystanders. This is what happened at MyMall in Limassol and The Mall in Nicosia at the same time. Everyone managed to shake the very foundations of these two locations. The power of teamwork, creativity, and fun can turn any event into something amazing and memorable.

See what people can do when they work together

Before you go any further, watch the video below to see something amazing!


Call: 90936069 €1.71
Call: 90937069 €5.13
Call: 90938069 €8.54
Call any of the above numbers to donate a small amount to Agalia Elpidas in support of children with cerebral palsy.

How did you like it? Did it give you a buzz? Watch it again; watch it as many times as you want! It was an awesome experience for us too. Beautiful!

The idea

Three months ago we had a crazy idea. It was the first month of setting up our company and we wanted to put on a demonstration of a kind to show the world what can be done when people come together and work as a team for a common cause. Teamwork and camaraderie can solve any problem, overcome any obstacle, and energise us when things get tough. Well, the video above is evidence: people can do a lot when they put their minds to it and help each other out.

The idea, as it was conceived, was simple: we would organise a flash mob. But it evolved along the way, as many ideas do over time. It became a monster.

The journey, the cause, our friends

So, we started out on this journey and found people willing to participate and help out with the demands of setting this up and it was certainly a ride getting here. Excitement buzzed around us from day one. Things are still buzzing for us at the moment, to be frank.

The flash mobs promoted an organisation called “Agalia Elpidas”, or Embrace of Hope in English. Angalia Elpidas is run by parents and friends of children with cerebral and other types of paralysis.

On our journey, we discovered a lot of friends who wanted to be part of this idea. From Shakalis Dance Studio who designed the choreography and got their students motivated, to the European University of Cyprus who took care of some of the logistics, to Clear Cut Post Productions who helped us create the final video, and an energetic bunch of videographers who captured the moments on the day; we are thankful and pleased to have met them all.

What’s the great thing about everything all these people had done? It was all pro bone work for them; they just wanted to be part of something big and exciting. Sometimes it’s good to be part of something that’s bigger than you.

Pictures from the event

[image src=”http://anopenbox.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Nicosia3.jpg” size=”one_fourth”]

[image src=”http://anopenbox.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Nicosia4.jpg” size=”one_fourth”]

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[image src=”http://anopenbox.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Limassol.jpg” size=”one_fourth”]

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[image src=”http://anopenbox.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Limassol5.jpg” size=”one_fourth”]

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