You are not getting the most out of your team

What’s keeping you up at night


Inconsistent company performance

Your company may be experiencing huge performance inconsistencies due to teams’ drops in performance and engagement levels, communication breakdowns at a cultural level, or even a misalignment between your strategy and your staff’s perceptions/abilities.

Inexperienced managers

Your dynamic work environment and high turnover calls for rapid promotion of managers who are low on experience and skills. Being thrown in the deep end and having to swim to survive means that their employees and your company are suffering.

Planning-execution gap

You may be experiencing a sharp contrast between planning and execution due to company bottlenecks that restrict your staff’s actions and their tendency to get locked in problems instead of coming to you with concrete solutions.

We’ve been in your shoes

We know what it feels like to be driving a quiet bus. You want noise and excitement, initiative and solutions, yet you are getting a lot of lip service and missed deadlines. Our 4D solution is designed to address the problem from the ground up. We are bottom-line results focused. We have demonstrated improvements in both behaviours and in performance. Our activities are not simply designed to be fun; they are designed to improve your business. Period.

Superior Talent Management Practices

result in…


Higher Revenue Per Employee


Lower Employee Turnover


Employee Engagement

Bersin by Deloitte, 2013

You've tried other things before and they haven't worked

You are tired of excuses and want solutions. You know that inertia is your enemy and you feel you must do something to up the game. Build momentum and move forward, otherwise nothing will change.

Ask yourself:

“Is your team moving in the right direction? If so, is it moving fast enough?”

What if you could?

Improve the on-boarding of new managers

Reduce your employee turnover

Turn more ideas into profitable projects

Boost your employees morale

Improve multicultural team communication

Improve remote team interactions

Reduce the planning-execution gap

Our 4D Approach



Nothing can happen unless we know exactly where the problem is. We will interview, assess, analyse, and explore everything about your company and your staff so that we can pin-point the bottlenecks and issues and design the right solution for your company. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You know that because you’ve paid for such a service in the past and you’ve seen no results.


Based on our assessment of your current organisational status, we will begin to design the right approach towards addressing the issues that were identified. To do so, we have a number of tools we are certified in and use as needed. Some tools are the Business Model Canvas, behavioural profiling, psychometrics, talent management, and coaching. We do not deal in fluff!


Once we begin working with you, we become your sidekicks in the change you wish to take place. We work with passion, decisiveness, accountability, and complete honesty about what needs to happen, when, and how. We will help you transform your company into a finely tuned machine that is able to operate by itself, with your people as drivers and you as captain; the way it should be.


Unlike some consultants that borrow your watch to tell you the time, we see ourselves as an extension to you. We work hard to make you autonomous. By the end of our initiatives, you will be in a position to run everything by yourselves.We will debrief you and ensure a smooth transition of everything you all need to know to deliver improved results consistently.

The Team

Paris Thomas

Paris Thomas

Communication Specialist, B.A., M.B.A.

Deano Symeonides

Deano Symeonides

Business Psychologist, B.A., M.Sc.

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