Boot Camp Training for Business Professionals

An intervention to diagnose and repair team dynamics and communication breakdowns.

87% of your staff don't want to come to work tomorrow.

Generic classroom training does not bring about real change. Our Boot Camps are high-impact training interventions for business professionals. Through a series of specialised outdoor exercises and simulations, requiring them to overcome challenges and collaborate in order to accomplish objectives as a team, they experience an immediate change; a result we like to call “The Boot Camp Effect”



To bring about behaviour change we examine your actions through specialised exercises and reflect these back to you. Only when you experience and notice your actions from other perspectives can you do something about them. In between exercises, group coaching sessions deal with the issues raised and the behaviours to be addressed. On-the-spot 360 assessments ensure your own perceptions are aligned with reality. Short bursts of learning equip you with new skills and perspectives to test out in the field.



Personal development occurs when we are able to focus and step outside of what’s familiar to us; outside our comfort zones. Our Boot Camps take you far away from work and deep within nature, in a facilitated environment where we create a safe zone for you to experiment and grow as an individual, a colleague, and a team member. This is team development in a highly interactive, fun, adventurous, yet focused way.




All our Boot Camps begin with in-depth research of your profiles. Customised exercises are developed in order to allow us to surface and address the behaviours that need correcting. Upon completion of the Boot Camp, individual reports are delivered to participants through coaching sessions back at work. This isn’t a one-off deal. We stand by your team as they develop into better versions of themselves.

Dealing with communication breakdowns?

Try our Boot Camp style training to deal with the elephants that are holding you back.

Talk about it

You’ve heard the expression There is an Elephant in the room.An English metaphorical idiom based on the idea that an elephant in a room would be impossible to overlook; thus, people in the room who pretend the elephant is not there have chosen to avoid dealing with the looming big issue.

These elephants are the everyday issues between work colleagues that are left unaddressed and unresolved. Many times we are not even aware when elephants get created between us. But if left unresolved for a long time, these elephants have a tendency to grow out of proportion and influence our behaviours, motivation, and engagement. It may seem like it’s too late to deal with them.

How to deal with them

So, elephants are holding back your team’s performance. You have breakdowns in communication.

Our Boot Camp training is the ideal intervention to surface problematic behaviours, raise awareness, and refocus teams on resolution and progression. Through a series of specialised exercises, intense group coaching sessions, ruthlessly direct feedback, we talk about the real issues that are holding your team back and get you to deal with them, once and for all.

What our clients have to say

Their techniques, their prodding and their observations were refreshingly insightful and surprisingly effective.

George Giannoulakis

CEO, Alpari FS

It’s unlike any other training we’ve done before. These guys are artists at what they do!

Hillik Nissani

CMO, Easy Forex

This was the most valuable training my team has ever attended.

Chrystalla Charalambous

Head of Oncology, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Don't be afraid

If there's one training session out there that your staff need and you know it, this is it.