Project Coordinator

Open Box Communication is looking for a new team member!

We are a fast-paced and dynamic boutique change agency that specialises in people and strategy. As part of our expanding operations and increasing client demands, we are seeking a self-motivated guy or gal who will support us in our daily actions.

If you’re a tornado of action, a blizzard of energy, an administrative wizard, a dynamic doer, and a rapid problem-solver, then we’re looking for you!


  • Support the 2 co-founders in their day-to-day tasks and workload
    This means you are hungry for challenges and able to take the initiative to carry out tasks with minimal input from us! You don’t need constant babysitting.
  •  Able to present information clearly and concisely, both in written and verbal format
    This means you should know how to speak and write, and be able to get to the point really fast! You are able to cut through the bull&%$t!
  • Responsible for the administration of day-to-day tasks that pertain to the office and its logistics
    This means you are organised and on top of things here at the office! Everything is running smoothly and efficiently. The office is still standing when we all get to work in the morning!
  • Manage the logistics related to travel, visas, scheduling, and venues
    This means you are able to get things done by getting on the phone or on the web to sort things out! You are not afraid to work solo, schedule what needs to be scheduled, and spot mistakes and speak up about them.
  • Manage and keep up with the hectic nature of our business, our ever-changing workloads and our “every-minute-something-changes” approach.
    This means you are able to handle our “a-change-a-minute” approach and the constantly shifting situations that form part of our workloads, with just a dash of the “expect-the-unexpected” sprinkled on top of things.
  • Liaise effectively and on time with suppliers, clients, and other third parties to ensure project actions are taken and deadlines are met.
    This means you are always on top of things and driven to perform. You are a people-person and find ways of generating positive solutions for all. You are able to handle yourself with professionalism and enthusiasm.
  • Research training content, new technologies and concepts, and delivers results in clear and concise manner
    This means you should be good at Google-ing and interested in navigating beyond the first page of results, to get what you’re looking for! You are not superficial in your approach. You actually have an opinion. 


You should be really good with:

  • Word (better than just typing)
  • Excel (better than just inserting data into cells)
  • PowerPoint or Keynote (better than just dumping info on slides)

We’d love it if you were also good at:

  • Social media (not just posting gifs or selfies)
  • Illustrator or Photoshop
  • Database management

You must have:

  • A degree in Business or Marketing or HR (or whatever else you believe has given you the skills to match our needs)
  • To be available to travel when required
  • An eagerness to learn and grow yourself (and also stretch yourself a bit)
  • Great English & Greek (written & verbal)
  • To be an EU national
  • To have a valid driver’s license

In return for all the above, we promise you a fitting/matching salary, lots of fun, tons of self-development and the opportunity to write your own job description down the line, as we progress on this journey together.


To apply, you must email your CV in PDF format to: deano at (see what we did there?)

In your email, you must also answer the following 3 questions in a maximum of 150 words per answer. No more than that, and no one-liners (unless they’re the most brilliant one-liners ever!)

  1. Why you?
  2. Why us?
  3. Why now?

The selection process will involve a telephone interview, a couple of in-person exercises, and a face-to-face interview. Be ready for a call anytime from the moment you apply.

Good luck and we look forward to welcoming you on our ride!